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We Provide a Reliable Services Since 1984

Ship Chandler Djibouti, with its wide range of products, provides uninterrupted service in Djibouti port.

Since 1984, we have been serving our customers in the supply of ships at the port of Djibouti without interruption. We provide you with the best service in the port of Djibouti for the supply of all kinds of materials you need. In our commercial life, which continues like a tradition from father to son, we renew ourselves day by day and try to use the newest systems in the world.

Our expert team provides uninterrupted service at all piers in Djibouti port at all hours of the day and offers you the best service quality in its region.

Ship Chandler Djibouti's expert team works non-stop every day of the week to meet your needs and provide a quality service.

Within the services we offer to you, we provide you with uninterrupted service for your provisions supply, deck supply, engine supply, ship safety equipment supply, b/a charts supply and any other repair needs you may need. By contacting us, you can meet the highest quality service we will offer you.

Ship Chandler Djibouti is a leading company in its region in terms of ship supply, and is a well-established company, ship chandlers who later started their supply business in the region apply to us for the supply of many products and present them to you with the products they bought from us. Of course, in trades made in this way, at least 25% more is paid and the costs increase, so instead of increasing your costs for the same product, you can contact us directly and replenish the same products by paying less.

Ship Chandler Djibouti offers you the highest level of service. Please do not forget; Nowadays, when many ship owners and operating companies want to refuel in different ports of the world, they contact suppliers like us directly and they make at least 25% profit in this way, so you can get the best prices in this region by contacting Ship Chandler Djibouti.

Considerations in Ship Supply

A few advices from Ship Chandler Djibouti, the most important rule in ship supply is that the products purchased are reliable. In food products, it is very important that the products are fresh and properly preserved. For this reason, it is necessary to do a good research before making a purchase. It is also very important to supply the products on time. Because the ship's docking, stay and departure times are certain. Ship Chandler Djibouti will contact your agent directly after receiving your order and will track the ship fully. For this reason, the products must be delivered at the exact time requested. It is as important as quality in non-food products. In ships that do not see land for long days or even months, the slightest malfunction can cause great damage if not intervened in time. For this reason, Ship Chandler Djibouti must stand behind the products they supply so that they can continue to serve for a long time. Ship Chandler Djibouti should aim both to compete with time and to provide the most suitable product at the most affordable cost, and therefore must ensure that all products to be used on the ship are of good quality. Ship Chandler Djibouti supplies all the products it offers to you in a guaranteed manner and guarantees the quality of the products it sells. That's why Ship Chandler Djibouti offers you a high-level service for your ship supply needs.

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